Fay'oa is the Primordial Goddess of Fire and the underworld. Her job is to ensure that the Element of Fire is always alive and going and to look after the dead. She is one of the few Primordial Gods to have a child with a mortal.

History Edit

Fay'oa, like the other Primordial Gods, came into existence the same time Ninjago was created by the God of Golden Power.

Personality Edit

Fay'oa, being the Primordial Goddess of Fire, is much like fire. She is stubborn and rash. Often rushing into a situation without thinking ahead. But she is humorous and extremely loyal to her brothers and sisters.

Appearance Edit

Fay'oa often appears a lean, acrobatic female in her late twenties. Wearing a red gi with short dark brown hair and amber eyes.

Relationships Edit

Ray Smith Edit

Fay'oa and Ray have a distant relationship, being that she is an immortal Goddess who is the very embodiment of a power that is outlawed. However, they both have a deep love for each other and their son.

Kai Del Smith Edit

As Kai is her only son, Fay'oa is very protective of him. While the two have never met in person, they have known each other through others. Because she is the Primordial Goddess of Fire, Kai inherited this same power.

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