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“Drink paint. I officially quit.”

— Enforcer quits

The Enforcer is a hooded helmet wearing figure who usually leaps in when most people are in trouble.


The Enforcer is Kasumi S. Dyla's 'super-hero' alias. They only reveal themselves to Beth Dyla when Vortech destroys most of the city.


When Lord Vortech appeared, Kasumi figured that Meteorism wouldn't stop a being of pure time. Kasumi decided to make a suit of armor that could withstand any powers, padded with vengestone.


Enforcer wears a hood over a metal mask that curls around their head, Enforcer's body consists of chest plates that are scratched revealing vengestone. it has bullet holes in it. Their arms are silver grey. Enforcer also wears large black boots.


Enforcer is blunt with enemies but friendly and convincing with allies. He is angry and fierce to enemies especially Lord Vortech.


  • GlowingNormality got inspired by the fortnite skin Enforcer to make this character.
  • Kasumi secretly made the suit in her father's lab.
  • Enforcer uses gadgets such as mini-rocket launchers and a hoverboard.
  • They can also use their power to create holes in the atmosphere and travel back/forward in times.
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