Emberly was one of the Eldest children of Sakura and Lloyd Garmadon, and the twin sister of Celina and older sister of Flyn.  Emberly's life was pretty great, she had loving parents, a sister who she almost never fought with, and an amazing godmother and family.  But when she turned 16, her sister died defending Flyn from their crazy aunt, Saki Suzuki.  It left Emberly devestated, along with her parents and brother, however Emberly eventually moved on, and found love with a boy her age(When she was 17) named Adam Kobayashi, they got married at age 22, and had a child a year later who they named Erica, sadly Emberly died giving birth to Erica...


Emberly was extremely sassy, but was also a natural born leader like her father, and very respectful and respected.


Emberly has Platinum Blonde hair and Light blue eyes, with Pale skin and light freckles across the bridge of her nose.  She wears a Mint green Gi with Silver Armor.


  • Saki Suzuki- Aunt
  • Ayuko Suzuki-Aunt
  • Arianne Suzuki- Aunt
  • Amiko Suzuki- Aunt
  • Taro Suzuki- Uncle
  • Riku Suzuki-Uncle
    • Annalise Medina- Aunt
  • Hana Suzuki-Grandmother
  • Allen Suzuki-Grandfather;Deceased
  • Romano Tachibana- 'Uncle'
    • Naomi S. Moisson- 'Aunt'
      • Chloe P. Moisson- 'Aunt'
      • Kate Moisson- 'Aunt'
      • Jayden Moisson- 'Uncle'
      • Kyana J. Suzuki- Aunt
      • Paige Moisson(nee Kimber)- Great-'aunt'
        • Madelyn Kimber- Great-'aunt'
          • Ethan Kimber- Cousin
          • Natalie Kimber(This bitch -_-)- Cousin
          • Rowan K. Dylaen- Cousin
        • Melissa Kimber- Great-Aunt
          • Lily Suzuki-Kimber- Cousin
          • Akifumi Suzuki- Uncle
    • Thalia Tachibana- Cousin

Lloyd Garmadon- Father

  • Sensei Wu- Grandfather
  • Sensei Garmadon- Grandfather; Deceased
  • Misako Garmadon- Grandmother
  • Kimberly Garmadon- Aunt
  • Leo Garmadon- Uncle
    • Mary James- Aunt
    • Jane Garmadon- Cousin
    • Jenna Garmadon- Cousin
    • Logan Garmadon- Cousin

Celina Garmadon- Twin Sister

Flyn Garmadon- Little Brother

Chloe P. Moisson - Godmother

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