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Summary Edit

The Distraction Ninja (sometimes known as the Turquoise Ninja) is a member of the Warriors Guild of Ninjago, and is the twin sister of the Surprise Ninja.

Backstory Edit

The Distraction Ninja joined the Warriors Guild of Ninjago shortly after its formation. Upon Chloe's corruption she was defeated by her, (along with the rest of the members), subsequently disbanding the guild. As of currently her whereabouts are unknown, and whether she is still alive.

Appearance Edit

She wears a bright coloured Gi, almost identical to the one her twin brother wears, except the colours are different.

Personality Edit

The Distraction Ninja was a real trickster, working with her brother to prank her friends. While she would distract them, her brother would jump out and surprise them.

Abilities Edit

Having the element of 'Distraction', she can distract just about anyone in any way she can. Her normal method is to jump out and wave her arms out, yelling 'Distraction!', drawing the victim's attention toward her, allowing either her brother to surprise them or to carry out a plan.

Trivia Edit

  • She can distract almost anyone. You should watch your back when you're around her!