"May the best ninja win." —Catchphrase

Dexter is a LEGO Ninjago fan character created and owned by Sketch, Ninja of the Pen. A Master of Shadow descended from Shade, he is studying under Sensei Lloyd. He is the teammate of Alan, and teammate and best friend of Nick.

General Description

Dexter is a typical minifigure with black hair that keeps itself neat somehow. He currently has a simple black gi, with gray sleeves, edges, and belt. In lieu of a hood or mask, he wears a gray headband. And yes, it's 32 thread count.

Dexter is level-headed under most circumstances. However, he has a strong phobia of failure. This is one of the primary factors fueling his passion to train harder and become better.

Dexter is well-known in Ninjago, mainly for two reasons. One, he was confirmed by The Council of Elemental Masters to be the best and most powerful living ninja in the realm (besides Lloyd). Two, he's hot. His mother was a model and her parents were actors, so he wound up looking a lot better than Shade. For starters, he has natural yellow skin...



From the very moment that Nick set foot in the New Monastery of Spinjitzu, he and Dexter hit it off. The two are inseparable best friends, as demonstrated by their constant teasing and banter in battle.


Alan is hard to get along with, but Dexter has made a point to try to understand him and help him. He has, so far, only seen minimal progress, but Dexter refuses to be discouraged. To him, Alan is one mission he cannot fail...


There are literally dozens of girls who have a serious crush on Dexter, but Nicole is the most outspoken and passionate about it. She often follows Dexter when she sees him in town, and leaves messages for him in various ways. Dexter has been known to use both Airjitzu and his elemental powers to get away from her.


Dexter trains with twin katana, but when in battle he uses a special blade that has yet to be named. Like Nick, he received his new weapon when he became a "certified" ninja; unlike Nick, he loves his. The blade is made from a metallic plasma that recedes into the hilt when not in use. Its plasmatic properties also allow the blade to automatically repair itself.


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