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Deverak is the main antagonist of Season 10: The Rise of the Oni.

History (spoilers!)


Deverak was one of the three first Oni, born from the shadows of the Realm of the Oni and Dragons. Deverak lead her brothers, Deveranel and Dranel when they took 3 rings of Creation. Deverak had the idea to create more Oni and then her and her brothers became the 3 Oni Warlords, but she was the leading Oni Warlord.

Deverak was also the one with the idea of the 3 Oni Masks. Ever since the First Spinjitzu Master defeated her, Deverak wanted revenge.

When a portal opened to Ninjago, she tried to take it over.


Deverak is selfish and full of hatred. Her goal is to take over all of the Sixteen Realms.

“The Oni will come to Ninjago!”

— Deverak, Season 10: The Rise of Oni Episode 2: The Secrets of the Oni
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