“I am Dazzle”

— Dazzle to the ninja
he was bestowed his power by the swinger and uses it very well he was given the dark amour

.his appearance face light purple body dark purple he has short stylish hair(when unmasked). he was trained very to be skillful when he was little and swinger took notice and deiced that he wanted him to be leader years after he fought in a battle against the elemetal masters of their time and when they lost the obsidian army hid in same but 50 years later they came out.


At some point of time dazzle was made general by the current general swinger and swinger became one of the normal army people later one

of elemental masters of their time banished them to the cave but centuries they escaped and confronted the ninja in jamomakai village.He is now searching for the dark a new dark force the obsidion army were making attack plans But one of them remembered

Early Life Edit

Dazzle is the son of the longest reining General And expected a lot from him he later went to obsidian scouts club and made friends with ninknock and worked together but in a tournament they both got to the Finals and none of them could get them down but in a obstacle course he beat him but to Dazzles surprise he did not care and then Dazzle became top of the group then fought the scout coach and when Dazzle won at his cove in the dark cave he was training to beat the elemental masters 
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