Darkskull was once a great king of a rich and beautiful land. But when the Skeleton Army laid waste to the land, King Garkel, as he was called, was ran over by a skull truck. He amazingly survived, but only his bones were intact. He then joined th

Skeleton Army, seeing nothing else to do. After the apparent death of Samukai, Garkel took over the army and gave himself the name 'Darkskull'. He currently rules the underworld of Ninjago, and will most likely raise an attack on Ninjago. He uses a shield with a skull on it.

Garkel Pics and building instructions coming soon!! :)

Use these to build Darkskull:

  • Lego Castle Black Skeleton
  • Lego Pirates Pirate
  • Lego Star Wars Jedi Knight

To build Garkel:

  • Lego Star Wars Naboo Pilot and Jedi Knight
  • Lego Pirates Pirate
  • Lego Minifigures Fisherman

Gallery of Darkskull:Edit

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