The Dark Spinjitzu Master is the First Spinjitzu Master's little brother, former leader of the Elemental Robots, and current leader of the Videogame Monsters that escaped the NinjaTendo DS.

He is former partners with the Oni and the leader, the Alpha. He promised that if anything goes wrong, he would help them. After the Oni were defeated, he created the Elemental Robots and sent them to Ninjago. After getting the Realm Crystal, they brought back the Oni and took over Ninjago, calling it "Destruction City." After they were in the Tornado of Forbidden Spinjitzu, the Alpha weakend and got sent back to the first realm, while the DSM escaped.

He forced Cyrus Borg to create the NinjaTendo DS. Then he trapped a bunch of people in it, in hopes of finding the Blades of Death. After the ninja return, they find out his true identity, and they fought. When he found the first blade, he killed Lloyd. Later killing P.I.X.A.L. and nearly killing Wu. Then he went to the First Realm and fought the Alpha. (Oni are immortal and cannot die, so he didn't kill him.) But he took all the Blades of Death and corrupted the Ninja.

He serves as the main antagonist of Season 12 and the two specials. He serves as a minor antagonist in Season 13. He also served as the true main antagonist of Season 16 - 18.

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RedNinja2.0 created the design of the DSM

He looks similar to the first spinjitzu master. He has a beard, but unlike the FSM, he has red eyes and a grey beard/

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He has shown to be dark and hostile against the ninja, he killed Lloyd in Season 17 Episode 8, and the keeps frequently using the tornado of "Destruction" like in "Never Trust a Ninja" and "Interview Time" against the ninja and others, when he created the "Coloss-Oni-Bot" so it can destroy them when they returned by the end of Season 14. He treats the Alpha, Oni, and Elemental Robots like brothers. But later he betrayed the oni and left them to die in the forbidden spinjitzu tornado.

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  • He serves as the true main antagonist of Emperor Garmadon's Series, he is the main antagonist of 4 seasons, (+3 special events) being the longest lasting villain.
  • He is the only character to appear in all episodes of Season 17.

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