Cynthia is a ninja and one of the Elemental Girls.


Cynthia is shy, recessive, and quiet, preferring to use her actions to communicate when she feels she needs to. Her cold, moody air can seem very uninviting, yet she never completely rejects society. But when it comes to fighting, Cynthia holds nothing back... Except maybe her element. She wields an element called Nebula, but due to its great power and unpredictability, does not like to use it much. Cynthia wields a custom blade that she reportedly made herself.


Cynthia has long, straight, dark hair, and violet eyes (an effect of her element). Her gi is a dark reddish purple, the same color as her element itself. After achieving her full potential, she received a gi similar to her original but with silver trim and markings.


Cynthia has a backstory, but refuses to talk about it much at all. She has hinted that it is rather "dark and disturbing", but that's about all we know.


  • The other Elemental Girls - Cynthia loves her ninja team and enjoys their company, but can't bring herself to tell them her deep secrets... Then again, she can't bring herself to tell anyone about those...
  • Mac - Cynthia and Mac really like each other in their own strange, mysterious way... The ship may or may not be canon. (For more on Mac, check out the Elemental Girls page.)