Cole was born to the previous Master of Earth and Lou. He joined Master Wu and the others in defending Ninjago.

By the time of Arctic Emperor's madness, he'd been working around Ninjago, working on the various tasks that Master Wu gave him. He was disappointed and shocked at Kai's betrayal but later discovered that it was about mutual gain. He was present when Jay spotted Asolor running into the Frozen Wasteland. He joined the others in fighting against the Arctic Emperor and was present when Kai had reverted to his Oni form.

When the Sarcusis began their invasion, he was away from the Monastery when Kai and Jay were messing around. He was later present when Lloyd brought up the subject of Order. Cole was with the Ninja when they first encountered the Sarcusis Demon Birds. He later went with the Ninja to find Caleb and secure him for training. Cole was present when Kaya arrived and forced the Sarcusis Demon Birds into retreat. Cole then helped train Caleb in the art of Spinjitzu and Airjitzu. Cole then travelled with Kai and Lloyd where they ran into Manticore. Cole joined the other ninja in heading to Ouroboros where they discovered Pythor and learned much about The Great Devourer and the Vermillion. He later encounter Manticore again before leaving with Kai and the others. He later helped fight Chimera and went ot Ninjago City to help fight against Typhon's force. He was present when Vengetron arrived in Ninjago.

Cole, along with the other Ninja, were present when Vengetron revealed many things about Kai.

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