"Anyone order a little kick-butt?"

- Cole

Cole is one of Sensei Wu's Ninja. He is the black Ninja of Earth . He was chosen to protect the Green Ninja along with the other three Ninja. He was in a former relationship with Nya, Jay's girlfriend. He achieved his True Potential in the episode 'The Royal Blacksmiths' . He developed a powerful thing called 'The Earth Punch' which was a powerful force which had the potential of smashing through most things, the exception being Vengestone which blocks Elemental Powers. He formerly used The Scythe of Quakes.


As a young boy, Cole's father wanted him to follow in his footsteps to be a dancer. He was then sent to train at the Marty Openheimer School of Arts. But when Cole was unable to sing or dance, he ran away. He began rock climbing and soon met Sensei Wu atop of Ninjago's highest mountain. There, Wu took him to the monastery and trained him to be a ninja as the The Ninja of Earth.


Cole appears to have a very muscular form, as seen in The Last Hope. His skin is yellow like a generic Lego character. He has black skater hair with black bushy eyebrows, and he mostly wears black, brown, and gray clothing.


  • Cole used to be afraid of dragons.
  • His hobbies include rock climbing, drawing, and cooking.
  • Although he's very interested in cooking, Cole is a terrible chef, according to the other Ninja.
  • Cole's name is a play on coal, a black fossil fuel found deep inside the Earth.
  • He has a huge love for cake, as seen in the episodes Double Trouble and only one can remain.