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The Story

It's the day before Christmas, and all five Ninja are excited about what they're gonna get.

On the next day, Sensei Santa comes and gives the presents to all Ninja.

Kai gets a sword.

Jay gets the book, "The Life as Jay".
Sensei Santa

Sensei Santa

Zane gets a wrench.

Cole ges a training hammer weapon.

Nya gets training clothes and a weapon.

Garmadon gets his old Thunder Bolt.

Dareth gets a new trophy.

And Sensei Wu gets a new staff.

After Sensei Santa is gone, Sensei Wu comes back and wonders what he got. Lord Garmadon said that he fixed some entertainment, and then Knuckal and Kruncha get into the dojo. The Ninja start to fight, but Garmadon commanded the Ninja to stop. Knuckal and Kruncha get on the stage and start to sing Jingle Bells!

"They are the entertainment," Garmadon whispers to Sensei. After the appearance, Lou and his choir start to sing "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas". Meanwhile, Misako comes to the party. Garmadon shows her the mistletoe, but they have to wait...Jay and Nya are already there.

Christmas is almost over, and something starts to happen to Lloyd. He starts to fly, and he transforms into an old man. Garmadon and Sensei give him a hug and say, "Merry Christmas Dad!"

"Merry Christmas boys," the man says. "Say hi to Lloyd for me."

Then the old man transforms into Lloyd again.

The End

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