History: Edit

The Celestials are a race of Immortal God like beings with tremendous power. Each Celestial represents a fundamental building block of Mystic Ninjago. They inhabit the forbidden region alongside the Titans. Unlike the Titans who tend to venture outside the forbidden region, every now and then, the Celestials tend to keep to themselves. Very few have ever seen a Celestial.

Members: Edit

Each member has a title connected with their past or what lead to their current state of being.

  • Blackhole-The Tragic
  • Gordane-The Brightest
  • Villainous-The Ambitious
  • Timester-The Keeper of Time
  • Erudite-The Wisest

Powers: Edit

The Celestials control tremendous power that vary between each member. Each Celestial's individual power is connected to their fundamental aspect of Ninjago. In addition. Each Celestial has telekinetic powers and supernatural strength and endurance

Dark Matter Edit

  • Controlled by Blackhole
  • Able to manipulate gravity
  • Opposite to Light nergy

Light Energy Edit

  • Controlled by Gordane
  • Able to manipulate light and form it into anything of his imagination
  • Opposite to Dark matter

Evil Edit

  • Controlled by Villainous
  • Able to corrupt the bravest of beings and turn them
  • Opposite to Wisdom

Time Edit

  • Controlled by Timester
  • Able to freeze, slow or speed up time

Wisdom Edit

  • Controlled by Erudite
  • Able to imbrue wisdom upon any being or fill even the most evil of beings with compassion.
  • Opposite to Evil
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