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Catori was born to Doris Charmspeaker(nee McLarson), and Phanus Charmspeaker, but they died defending their daughter against the Saito Clan. Catori was adopted by the parents of Allen Suzuki.  Catori didn't really have a real Childhood since she didn't agree with the Suzuki Clan's views, and often just hid in her room.  At the age of 6, she discovered she was able to use Dark Magic, and at age 9 started her training with Sensei Wu on how to control it, she was also one of the people who often would spar with Morro, and did actually know him, despite them never getting along.  At age 16, she left the Monestary and met Ronin, the two became fast friends, and were also both at the time, avid smugglers,  and then at age 21, Ronin proposed.  Catori and Ronin got married 8 months later. Sadly, just 3 years later, Ronin became endepted to Soul Archer, and was forced to leave Catori...While also stealing 1,000 dollars from her back account, and left Catori heartbroken, angry and 4 months pregnant... 



Sakura R. Suzuki- Sakura is her niece, and is very close with her as she has had to revive Sakura very often.

Sora Charmspeaker- Sora is her and Ronin's daughter.

Allen Suzuki- Her adoptive brother

Tomaya K. Charmspeaker- Sister


Paige Kimber-Paige and Catori were very close despite the slight age difference.

Misako- She was friends with Misako despite an age gap

Wu-She actually trained under Sensei Wu for 7 years before leaving when she was 16 so that she could live a normal life for a while.


Ronin- Ronin is Catori's current husband and father of their daughter Sora


Catori has Long brown hair down to her waist, with slightly lighter highlights.  She is 5'8 in height, she has emerald green eyes and is very pale due to usually staying inside. She looks slightly younger than she is.  She wears a black Gi with deep purple Trim, along with an Amulet she enchanted herself, it has an Enchantment of protection, meaning it's harder for enemies to fatally hurt her.

Powers/ Weapons

Dark Magic- She is an expert user of Dark Magic

Voodoo Magic- She actually is the only known user of this type of Magic

Bow & Arrow- This is her main weapon

I don't take any credit for Paige Kimber who belongs to MasterGarmadon102

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