Callie Watts, Master of Fauna, is a Lego Ninjago fan character created by Sketch, Ninja of the Pen. She is the main character of Call of the Wild.

General description

Callie is a rather carefree girl, but is very protective of animals and her friends. Her friends know better than to eat meat in front of her, because it could very likely cause her to hurl. Her primary weakness is her acrophobia.

In Call of the Wild (abandoned), aged 16, she very much and very deliberately has a "country girl" look about her. She has freckles and dirty-blond hair, and wears a straw cowboy cowgirl hat, khaki T-shirt, blue jeans, and brown boots.

By the Future Fear timeframe, where she is 19, she has changed her look to be even less urban. A red flannel shirt, worn open over a white tee, replaces the khaki shirt, and her boots and hat are black.


Call of the Wild

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At age 16, Callie was brought back in time 65 years by Sensei Wu to help fight against the Master of Fauna concurrent with the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu series. While there, she learned more about the use of her power, more about the way of the ninja in general, and became comfortable with her crazed elemental master heritage.

Future Fear

In the Future Fear series, Callie, now 19, has more fully embraced her ninja ancestry. While she still does mostly farm work, she's ready to save the day when duty calls. She visits Lloyd's school every so often to visit, train, and to flirt with Nick for the sole purpose of making him uncomfortable.


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