Caleb Wart is the current Elemental Master of Order and heir to Ninjago's Throne. He is Harumi's adopted brother and bestfriends with Neuro. He loves Orange.

History: Edit

Early Life: Edit

Caleb was born around the same time as the other ninja to the Emperor and Empress of Ninjago. Sometime before the search for the Four Weapons of Spinjitzu, Caleb was sent away with loyal guard Jai to live in a remote village for unknown reasons.

He would befriend Neuro, who at the time, was still unaware of his own Elemental control over Mind, and together, embarked on many adventures. He would remain unaware of The Ninja for most his early life, oblivious to the many dangers that threatened Ninjago.

Late Life: Edit

Shortly after the Oni were defeated, Caleb would eventually discover his own Elemental Power and who his parents were and the massive inheritance that he was set to claim.

Personality: Edit

Caleb loves to have everything in an orderly fashion. He is kind and caring and has a deep sense of fairness and equality. He is a natural leader. In battle, he displays a high sense of concentration and determination.

Appearance: Edit

Caleb has short black hair and dresses in Orange. Thought sometimes he will dress in a blueish colour.

Weapons: Edit

Caleb is trained in many different weapons, but his favourite weapons to use are by far, the Katana and Nin'jo. He has an Elemental Spear.

Gallery: Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Caleb wears the Elemental Symbol "龙", the Chinese Character meaning dragon.
  • The symbol Caleb wears upon his SOG and Hunted Gi's is the Ninjago C and W slapped together.
    • Further more, he has the word Order spelt out on his chest in Ninjago characters.
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