“Relax Chopper, Dis one's a mate”

— Buffer to Chopper Maroon on Shadelock "War on Wheels"

Buffer is a member of the biker gang, the Sons of Garmadon. He has a small bike but a big red shield to protect him, something many of his fellow bikers lack. He is old friends with Shadelock and was glad that Killow allowed the S.o.G to join the Shadow Empire.


At some point, Shadelock met Buffer and the biker helped him. Later, Shadelock freed him from Kryptaruim Prison.

Season 8 onwards

Shadelock and the Nindroid Terror Trio traveled to a run down warehouse that served as the headquarters for the Sons Of Garmadon. There, Shadelock greeted Buffer and the two discussed old times. Buffer then took Shadelock to see Killow who agreed to letting the Sons Of Garmadon join the Shadow Empire. Buffer then joined the attack on the serpentine tombs.

Buffer fought Zane in the tombs, but the white Ninja easily knocked him back and froze him in a block of Ice. Some point after that, he broke out and retreated when the cavern fell.

He later joined the defence in stopping the Ninja retake Ninjago City, fighting them. He mocked Kai saying that sheild beats fire, only to be beat over the head and knocked unconscious by Cole, who a him if hammer beat sheild.


Ninjago Season 8 : Shadows Of Ninjago:

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