Bonesnapper is a bounty hunter/mercenary who roams the universes looking for jobs. He does not belong to any universe.

Background: Edit

A bounty hunter/mercenary with a natural love for hunting. A being who shares the same organic metal build as a Cybertronian(Transformer). Bonesnapper will hunt down anyone who pays him. But he himself is not without power. He is a powerful being thanks to his high durability. Able to take a punch and deal back some series damage.

Alt forms: Edit

Bonesnapper loves to adopt a form from each universe he travels to. Often storing it away in his memory banks for when it will serve a purpose.

  • Dragon-How To Train Your Dragon
    • Gained when he obtained an object from this universe.
  • Spider Tank
    • Natural born alt form.
  • Sports car
    • Taken when visiting the DC universe
  • Razorback Wraith
    • Obtained within Ninjago
  • X-Wing
    • Gained from Star Wars

Plus many more stored away.

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