The Blade of Masahiru, often nicknamed 'The Dragon's Blade', was made long ago in the First Realm, by Masahiru the Creator, a leading figure in Queen Firstbourne's Empire.

Following the events of the Infinite War of Creation and Destruction, Yin fled the First Realm and a firestorm ravaged the First Realm. Yin's actions angered Firstbourne, who sent the Dragon Taskforce to capture Yin and bring him back to her. Masahiru's two daughters, Jemmai and Kurisoku would lead the Taskforce, and they would bring the blade into Ninjago.

The House of Nije & Hu-Fung Clan

Jemmai would eventually betray the Taskforce and steal the blade, also drinking the Sensan Tea and eloping with Jinzin Nije, the Emperor of the Nije Clan. 

The Blade would go through the generations of The Nije Family, becoming one of the 'Three Sacred Nije Artefacts', until the blade was stolen by an unknown member of the Sons of Garmadon, who sold the sword to the Leader of the Hu-Fung Clan, Akari Hu-Fung. Then, the sword would be sealed in a temple within palace grounds, and was considered a relic by the 神聖血液, and was kept under lock and key.

Stolen By Rendi & Peiyi Sykow, Coming To Medleonia

Years later, the sword would be stolen by the children of Zhiruo Sykow, Rendi and Peiyi, had the help of Aiya Kobayasho. the twins would flee to Medleonia, while the Sykow Clan would be destroyed. 

The sword would fall into the hands of Princess Denzha Shil, who was studying artefacts and relics...   


The sword is made of bronze and gold, with silver runes along the blade. The handle is made from pure ivory and gold. The hilt and blade are decorated with silver and gold dragons and serpents.

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