Background: Edit

A member of the Celestials. Blackhole is the master of Dark Matter. He is one of the more powerful members. Blackhole was once from the Dark Region when the stone warriors attacked his village. He watched as his parents, brothers and sisters were slain before his eyes. He would've been next if he hadn't have accidently used his natural power. Generating a crushing gravity field around him. Even the indestructible stone warriors were crushed, proving that not even they were invincible. He eventually travelled to the forbidden region where he met others like him where they discovered their own powers worked in conjunction with each other to create or destroy.

Strengths: Edit

Blackhole is a powerhouse of energy and dark matter. His ability to control Dark Matter to the fullest combined with his natural strength and endurance make him a natural warrior. His past has molded him into a dark being who only ever sees the evil in people. Blackhole often generates a field of crushing gravity to protect himself from others with only the strongest or worthiest beings able to get through. Blackhole is so strong, that he could send a mountain crumbling with a single finger or crack a region in half with a single punch. Blackhole is also able to take a punch that could shatter a mountain anything around it for a five mile radius. He also has telekinetic powers like the rest of his kind but has a far greater connection to it compared to the rest of his kind. He often uses them to create mayhem or play with his enemies.

Weakness: Edit

While a powerhouse of energy. Blackhole is still haunted by the event that created who he is now. It is this one event that he will forever keep. He has named it the day his past self died and the day that Blackhole was born. An ambush at his village of birth can be planned to attempt to take him down as he is one of the only two Celestials that ever travel outside the forbidden region.

Appearance: Edit

Blackhole appears as a Dark Human wearing a black hood and robe. He holds a staff like sceptre that contains a small portion of his Dark Matter powers. It also contains the souls and powers of those who have died at his hands.

Notes: Edit

  • Blackholes name is a pun on blackholes
    • Further more, his powers are directly related to the properties of a blackhole. His ability to manipulate gravity and crush anything that draws close is very similar.
  • Blackholes' name also refences lead what lead to his creation. The black is for death and sadness while the hole is for the large gap where his family would be in his heart. Meaning. he has a blackhole in his own heart.
  • Blackhole was originally going to be a character from the Omiverse series.
    • As a result, Blackhole was originally much more powerful. Here, he is scaled down so that he isn't too overpowered.
    • Before, he could punch a planet out of its orbit or shatter a star with a single punch. He could also withstand a blow that would shatter a galaxy. He also originally controlled Anti-Matter to which he used as weapons.
  • Blackhole's grandfather was the most powerful Celestial to ever live.
    • Blackhole has a greater connection to his kinds telekinetic powers due to his grandfather.
    • His grandfather's name is Gravity.
      • Gravity also had control over Dark Matter.
      • Gravity was also one of the first Celestials to come into existence.
  • Blackhole tends to stay out most fights. Never wanting to get involved with any battle ever again. Thus he is the only natural among his kind.
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