“P-Please...leave me alone...”

— Bianca to Nindriods

Bianca is the purple Ninja of Flora and the shyest Ninja of her Ninja group, the Ninjettes. She was chosen by Sensei Pelatina along with Karly , Skylar , and Lily to become better fighters.


Bianca's parents got killed by the town bullies, and while the bullies went to prison, Bianca had to live in an orphanage. After being uncomfortable by the humans, Bianca ran away to the forest to live there instead. There, she found better company in animals and preferred to be with them ever since.

Later in the days, she gets discovered by Skylar and agrees to join her to form their own fighting group.


Bianca is an African American girl with dark brown skin. She has light purple eyes and long purple hair.

Her current outfit is a dark purple shirt, blue jeans, and black converse boots.



Ever since she's been bullied by humans, Bianca found it easier to communicate with animals instead. But when she met the famous Nindroid, Zane helped her feel comfortable around other humans, and himself.


Like Karly, Bianca is very sensitive and cries easily when insulted. She sometimes reacts quickly and tries to defend herself, but breaks down crying when she fails.


If there's anyone that's a huge fan of animals, it's Bianca. They seem harmless to her, and the animals seem to love her as well.


Bianca has a great musical talent. She's very skilled in playing her flute, and when she does so, some birds would land by her, sometimes singing along with her.

Weapons and Abilities

Bianca's current weapon is the Pink Techno Blade

Aside from Spinjitzu, Bianca can grow flowers, vines, and other types of plants. She can even create plant monsters, which can swallow her enemies whole.

Relationship with Zane

Zane and Bianca developed feelings for each other after training together. Zane is always gentle with Bianca and never tries to hurt or harm her in anyway. As for Bianca, she's very protective from it and hates it when others insult him.


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