Benthos was the first of the ninja children I created. He and his sister, Eve, are now replaced by Zarah Smith This article is mostly about my former canon version the character.

Background Edit

Sickness Edit

Benthos was born 8 months after Sickness and Kai's sacrifice for his family. He was born 2 seconds ahead of his sister and is their oldest child. He was raised by his mother, Skylor, alongside his sister for many years with the help of his aunt and uncle.

Tech Overload Edit

About 10 years after the death of his father, Benthos began training alongside his sister in the art of Spinjitzu and Airjitzu under their mother and Lloyd. He was selected as the leader of the Tech Ninja.

20 years after the death of his father, Benthos and the Tech Ninja encountered their first enemy in the form of Tech Lord where he began to learn more about his fathers life.

He infiltrated Tech Lord's forces and turned them against each other before bringing down Tech Lord

Magic Mayhem Edit

Sometime after Benthos and his team defeated Tech Lord and her forces. Benthos was sent by his mother to Chen's island where he encountered Clouse Junior and Chen.

Benthos helped his team fight against Clouse Junior for a time before being banished to the Departed Realm for a short period of time. He faced against Clouse. He soon banished Clouse back to the Departed Realm. He was saddened to see that his father had not returned.

Dark Defeat Edit

Benthos, sometime after the Magical Mayhem mishap, was busy with his mother where he soon learned that The Overlord may soon return. He was later present to hear the full tale of The Overlord from his creation to his fight with the ninja that lead to the creation OverKai.

He later asked about who was giving them letters only to be given no answer. He was around to hear that the Final Battle was still to be decided. He asked his mother what she and their parents would be doing only to be answered with "Getting help."

Benthos lead the ambush on The Overlord. When Milly Turner was injured, he unlocked his true potential. He was present for when Lydia Garmadon became the third spinjitzu master. He would go on to fight The Overlord, regardless of it he survived or not. He would be saved by his father. He would go on to tend to the wounded.

Later, he would later become Milly Turners boyfriend and enjoy life in a peaceful Ninjago.

Noodle Reunion Edit

In an alternate universe after March of the Oni where Cole died. Benthos was the oldest son of Kai and Skylor, being five years old by the time Eve was born. This was also the first time Benthos appeared within fiction.

Appearance Edit

Much like his father, Benthos has spiked brown hair and wears the colour red to symbolise his elemental power. He tends to like to wear the kimono his father wore during their first fight with The Overlord. Within Earth-67, Benthos wears a green kimono similar to Lloyd during their first fight with The Overlord.


Benthos as he appears in the Former Canon in Tech Overload, Magic Mayhem and Dark Defeat.

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