Bane is the Elemental Master of Poison. He appears in The Beginnings by an Anonymous user.


Bane is discribed by Kopi as not being very handsome. She stated he had crooked teeth and messy greenish brown hair-- a sort of camouflage in the swamp. He is tall and skinny, yet quite strong. Bane's most striking feature are his lime green eyes.


Bane is very talkative and has a good sense of humor. He speaks what is on his mind and never holds back--even if the person he's talking to is the Li Wei a.k.a. The First Spinjitzu Master. Most people like Bane, but he can get very lonely out in the swamp. Behind Bane's goofy personality he is very knowledgeable about the plants and animals of the swamp and herbal remedies.



Bane is the Elemental Master of Poison. He can poison people, but also cure them. His favorite technique is 'Poison Cloud'.


Bane is a master healer due to his extensive knowledge of plant remedies. 


  • Bane's home is inspired by Yoda's from the Empire Strikes Back 
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