Ban is Monica's boyfriend and the Ninja of water. In his first appeareance, it is revealed that he is a monster that has the power to shapeshift. He is the guardian of Atlantis (he quitted his job) and likes playing card Wars. During Unexpected Training, Ban became more powerful than Lloyd, able to possess all of the 5 Elemental Blades. His former Weapon was called "Spear of Water", but he switched to the Aquatic Blade instead.


  • Destiny of a Ninja

​His debut appeareance is in this episode. Just as the Stone Army was about to take a final blow on the Ninja, Ban arrived in just in time to save them, using water blasts and a VERY POWERFUL Spinjitzu. But he declared that he needed more training and a better Sensei, so he started to join the Ninja team.

  • Unexpected Training

​Nya found a threat in Ninjago City, so the Ninja went to investigate that the Serpentine, Stone Army, Pythor and Skulkin' retreated. Jay complained about their mysterious revival, then came back and asked, "Did history repeat itself?". Ban wanted to go, but his teacher wouldn't let him since he needed some serious Drugs. When Sensei Wu went out, he looked at the Elemental Blades and thought that they were "spectacular", so he went to get it. The blades reacted, giving him the power of Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Earth, respectively. Sensei Wu came back with Ban telling him, "I harnessed all the powers of the five Elements. I don't need no stinkin' training anymore", considering he was a full-potential ninja.

  • Another Hero, Another Day

​Since Ban mastered all the elements to himself and the four other ninja are defenseless, the world depended on Lloyd and Ban now. He had the capabilities of using the Pyromaniac, Lightning Nightmare, Cyro Burst, Wrath of the Earth, and Aquatic Bonanza abilites, which further increased his offenseness. He didn't play a major role in this episode, though.

  • The End (originally named "The Final Showdown")

​On a dark side in Ninjago, at the Darkwood Forest, Ban was crazily confused about the villians capturing his allies, and then he paired up with Nya at the tomb of Doom. While things went awry, Ban managed to wipe them all and ran to the main part of the tomb, known as the "Main Core of Darkness". The EnderLord had become stronger and lost his name as the "Overlord". The evil headed from the forest to the Ninjago City, and he found the Ninjago Wireless Center. He thinks that the satellite on the top of the building could spread the darkness. Meanwhile, they found their friends and reunited with them. Just when things seemed hopeless, they got teleported to Ninjago City using Ban's teleportation powers. Ninjago had now become a world of no-tomorrow, which was covered with darkness, and Cole stated that history REPEATED ITSELF. They engaged in an epic battle as the Stone Army were over-powering their defenses, only to be blasted by a beam of a very instense light. Ban had reached his true form and became the Platinum Ninja. But the worst part began. The Enderlord spit out a breath of dark fire, causing the Ultra Dragon to fall down and weaken. A blast of dark ice had corrupted Nya, and a eletrocution blast of Dark Lightning caused all of the Ninja to be corrupted, but Kai and Lloyd. Kai fended off his fellow former friends while Lloyd prepared for the final showdown. Sadly, the Enderlord summoned the Dark Rock ability, turning Lloyd into a humanoid dark monster. The ultimate evil laughed on his "victory", but not to mention that Ban survived the attacks and claimed himself as the "Third Spinjitzu Master" or the Strongest Ninja in the universe with his new name, Warlord. The Platinum Ninja summoned a dragon called the "Wicked Entity" and was proven to be stronger than the leader of the Darkness. The Enderlord used his ultimate ability, to blast a fire of darkness, that nothing could escapes or stand in it's way. Warlord was knocked down from the Garmatron fortress, but the Ultra Dragon revived just in time to lift him up back to the fight. Seeing that his Wicked Entity couldn't stand the ultimate attack, the greatest Ninja shot an infinite beam of light. His light is brighter, but the darklord got the upper hand. Kai seemed helpless and threw his weapon to the Enderlord before turning into his darkness form by his foes. The Elemental Blade missed to hit the great evil and fell down the fortress. Dareth, whom was hiding in his dojo, unlocked his full strength and used his Hot Air attack to distract the EnderLord. The giant black entity stopped attacking when distracting, and Warlord decided to take the final blow on the EnderLord. His beam of light sent the Enderlord back to the Island of Darkness and drained all of the evil's energy, turning Ninjago back to normal.

The Wicked Entity descended from the sky with Warlord and Lord Garmadon (who is rescued from the Overlord) on it. The Ninja celebrate their imminent victory and threw a party for Ban while Misako said, "The Overlord has been banished on the dark island once again, and there will be tomorrow".

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  • The reason that he became way more powerful than Lloyd is that in Unexpected Training, he held the 5 Elemental Blades (including his), causing them to react. Sensei Wu claimed that he may be the third Spinjitzu Master, due to him possessing the powers of the blades.


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