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Ayumi was born 21 years before the Second Suzuki-Garmadon War, and during that time she met and married Hidemi Suzuki(married at age 19), but when Sensei Garmadon stole the Katana of Silver, the second Suzuki-Garmadon war started, just a week into the War, the Garmadon Family and their supporters destroyed Gōruden Town, which was a Town created as an Oasis for the Suzuki Clan and their supporters. This severely angered the Leader at the time, not to mention Ayumi's husband, Hidemi, he ordered an attack to get there Katana back and to avenge all the lives of Suzuki Members that were taken by the Garmadon Family. At the half-way point of the War, the Suzuki Clan had been cut in half, and the Garmadon Family didn't seem to stop, and as Allen(her child) had been born in the mist of it, Ayumi was scared they would kill her children.  Nearing the end of the War, Ayumi had enough and killed three of the most important Garmadon Family members, Dyana Garmadon(Lloyd's grandmother), Sierra Garmadon(Sensei Wu and Sensei Garmadon's little sister), and Maryah Garmadon(Lloyd's Great-Aunt), this caused the Garmadon Family to retreat, and though the war never officially ended, for now, it's on hold...


Before the War

Before the war, Ayumi was kind, quiet and Paitient, she would always care about what other people were going through, and had that undervalued trait of Loyalty, she would rather die than betray the people she cared about.

After the War

After the war, Ayumi became slightly impaitient, and was badly affected by PTSD, she became paranoid, and sometimes would lash out at people.  Despite all this, she was still caring and loyal, and was always there for her kids.


Ayumi has Reddish-Blonde hair down to her Shoulders, and Ocean blue eyes, and very much resembles her Granddaughter, Sakura Suzuki.  She wears a Dark red gi, with black trim and a black dragon pattern on the right leg.


Hidemi Suzuki- Husband

Kiyoko Watanabe- Mother; Deceased

Allen Suzuki- Son

Ayano F. Suzuki- Daughter

Catori Charmspeaker- Adoptive Daughter

Hana A. Suzuki- Daughter-In-Law

Suzuki Quadruplets- Granddaughters

Amiko N. Suzuki- Granddaughter

Riku and Taro Suzuki- Grandsons

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