— Arianne, to Sakura


Arianne was put up for adoption soon after her birth, the only people who knew about her were Taro and Riku Suzuki, and also her parents, Allen Suzuki and Hana A. Suzuki.  When she was 10 years old, her adoptive parents told her about her being adopted, and who her real parents were.  Once she turned 14, she had enough of being with parents who weren't even her real parents, she ran away.  a  few Years later, she met Sakura R. Suzuki and Amiko N. Suzuki, she knew they were her biological siblings, and because she had joined Sons Of Garmadon, spied on them.  She always knew where they were, and always told SOG everything she found, but 4 months after she started to spy on them.  Sakura found out that she had a sibling she had never met before AKA Arianne, she went looking for Arianne, and eventually found her, Arianne pretended to be her friend for less than a week before revealing her true intentions, she came close to killing Amiko, but failed when Sakura "killed her"...or so Sakura presumed...


Arianne has curly golden blonde hair down to her waist, she also has her bangs usually pinned back out of her face, she has tanned skin from being outside so often, and bright blue eyes just like her sister Sakura, she is taller than most standing at 6 feet tall.

Weaponry and Powers

Arianne is the Elemental Master of Magnetism, it is unknown where she got her powers from. she prefers to use a Battle Axe, but is also skilled with Tomahawks, and other Axe-like weapons.


Family: Sakura R. Suzuki - Her Twin Sister

Amiko N. Suzuki - Her older sister

Hana A. Suzuki - Her Mother

Allen Suzuki - Her Father

Taro Suzuki - Her Older Brother

Riku Suzuki - Her Older Brother


Harumi - Best Friend

Lord Garmadon - Leader


Everyone except Harumi and Lord Garmadon.


She is very cruel and rude, she hates EVERTHING AND EVERYONE, and doesnt hesitate to hurt anyone.  She doesnt truely care about anyone, or anything.

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