Story Edit

She is the twin of Jay, she is a very kind and good girl with her friends and with other living beings, she is usually afraid, she is optimistic because she always smiles and is very tender.As Jay is usually ashamed of his parents but equally loves them.

(His pink tuft is not natural).

Element Edit

His power is the music power descendant of his mother's ancestor

Music Thunder: It's the union of Jay Ray with a musical bomb

Music Canon: Its`s a music very strong.

Score bomb: It is a wake of score that can make the opponent dizzy.

Relations Edit

Jay Edit

Jay, it is her twin brother, it is seen that they have a good relationship but Jay usually conceals it because she feels embarrassed to see how much she loves her sister.

Mum and Dad Edit

As Jay is usually ashamed of his parents but equally loves them.

Kay Edit

Their relationship is not so good but they are friends.

Zane Edit

Zane and Alice are very good friends indeed Zane is his best friend you see Zane is like his other brother

Cole Edit

Cole and Alice are friends but Alice does not know that Cole is in love with her in secret and Alice is also in love with her.

Lloyd Edit

Lloyd, you see that he is very good friends with Alice, you see they are like best friends.

Nya Edit

She is her best friend, they are very good friends, they always look very happy and also they both hate sexism and feminism.

Pixel Edit

Pixel loves it, Alice since she always defends her and fights with her.

Curiosities Edit

  1. Kay is in love with Alice.
  2. Alice likes manga and anime.
  3. Alice loves animals
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