“I have analyzed every rational course of action in this scenario and, taking into account the 'typical' result of such behavior, discarded all of them.”

— Alan, giving up

Alan is a Ninjago fan character created by Sketch, Ninja of the Pen. A Nindroid of Ice, he is the "son" of Zane and P.I.X.A.L., as well as a student of Sensei Lloyd. He is the analyst and technical expert of his team.

General Description

Alan is a silver Nindroid who strongly resembles Zane (in Titanium Ninja form). The primary differences are Alan's "hairdo" and his gi, which is a very light metallic gray.

Alan was supposed to have a similar mind and personality to Zane as well. Unfortunately, for an as-yet unknown reason, a glitch occurred that damaged his emotion algorithm. Thus, Alan can be quite cold (pun not intended) and seemingly grumpy. He is also obsessively logical.

Among his friends, Alan sees himself as the mature adult of the group and subconsciously expects to be treated as such. Unfortunately, Nick's on-the-fly strategies tend to work out better, so Alan's input can be neglected if not completely dismissed.



To Alan, Nick is impetuous, illogical, yet extraordinarily lucky. They tend to clash over differences between the intelligent and functional solutions, but he accepts Nick's role as leader.


Dexter is more quiet and understanding than Nick, and Alan understands that Dexter values his input. Thus, the two get along much better.


Alan has multiple weapons, which he uses interchangeably if at all. First and foremost, he has ice blasters built into his wrists that do decent projectile damage with little elemental energy required.

The first weapons he used were a pair of blades, similar in shape to Jadeblades. These have chilled edges that, when charged with Ice energy, can partially freeze an opponent. A newer weapon he is working into his routine is a polearm, similar in construction to the Ice Technoblade, but with a smaller version of the weapons described above as the head.


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