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Akira grew up in the Wealthy Saito Clan, the enemy clan of the Suzuki Clan.  She was the only known child of Akifumi Saito and Marissa Saito(neé McConely), Akira got pretty much everything she wanted, no matter the cost.  When Akira was 11, she started training to take down Sakura R. Suzuki, the heir of the Suzuki Clan, who the Saito Clan didn't want to grow any further, a few months after, Akira actually met Sakura's cousin, Itsumi Nakamura, who she grew close to.  Akira never suceeded in killing Sakura, despite coming close to it.


Akira went through quite the personality change, at first she was arrogent, obnoxious and VERY spoiled.  After a while, these traits started to fade, in place of these traits were the growing traits of Wisdom, Courage and Intelligence.


Akira had long Blue-ish Black Straight hair, down to her Shoulder's, Navy blue eyes, and was very tall, standing at 5'11.  She wears a Long Black dress, with slits on either side, and a picture of a Phoenix on it.  She wears black flays with the dress, and golden jewelry.


Akira is very skilled with multiple weapons, but especially with Daggers, she is also skilled with using her power to manipulate what her enemies are thinking about, which can temporarily distract them.  She can also decieve her enemies, as she can act to be something she isn't fairly well.


Itsumi Nakamura- Best Friend

Akifumi Saito- Father

Marissa Saito- Mother

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