Agni is a friend of Li Wei, he appears in The Beginnings by an Anonymous user.


Agni is very handsome. He is lean and musular. His hair is jet black, as well as his goatee. His facial features are very sharp and distinguished. According to Kopi his most striking feature is his golden eyes which tend to bring out the gold accents in his fine clothing.


Agni is short tempered and prone to yelling. He is usually honest, loyal and agreeable, however if you get on his bad side he won't hesitate to reprimand you.



The Jalaana Clan are master swordfighters, Agni being their leader is among the most skilled.


  • The word 'Agni' means 'Fire' is Sanskrit
  • Agni's wife is named Lavanya, his children are named Madhu and Sushila. Agni is the first known character to be married and have children.
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